This domain name is for sale.

I purchased it after I visited a website that had it backlinked as a webdesign company who had built their website.    When I found no website existed at that address, I did a quick check on godaddy and no one now owned the domain, so I quickly acquired it.

I had intended to start a webdesign business and potentially use this domain, but other opportunities have arisen and I will no longer be going down that avenue.

SEMRush says the domain was first registered in 2006, which is brilliant from an SEO point of view.   Equally it has some existing backlinks. 

I would suggest if you are looking to start a web designing company (Or installing errr, steps!) this could be the domain for you!   It would offer an awful lot more SEO wise than owning a brand new, never before registered domain name, with no backlinks and no history.

If you are interested please email Shaun on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.